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My dog and myself!

Sometimes I feel like a walk with my dog says much about our relationships to God!
Let me explain:
first of all you have to know that my dog looks so cute and innocent (until the point you enter our house and you really get to know him :D )
so pretend the dog stands for us humans....and pretend i as the master of the dog stand for god (its just an example okay!!! )
so i go for a walk with my dog...god goes on a lifetime long walk with us....
at the beginning i keep my dog on the lead because of the street and all the other dangers around while we are still in the village....then after a time when i finally arrive the trees and the "real" walk starts i "un-leash" my dog and let him run....
now my dog starts running the beginning everything is suuuperexisting and he has to sniff around and get used to the path...sometimes he looks where i am to make sure he takes the way at the next crossing i want to go this time...sometimes he just takes one and leaves me with the decision if i follow or if i call him back....if i follow him we might end up in a dead end where there are big bushes at the end and we have to turn around and go back...(okay this sometimes happens to me too but hey I am not God-He definitely knows how a way leads!) if i choose to go in the other direction i call him and hope that he follows me (and fortunately my dog does most of the time )
today there were a few situations where i had to think : "wow that is really me"
while we had a short rest at the top of the mountain my dog found an old black-burned piece of plastic that had meat in it before someone threw it into the was totally black, wet and dirty laying in the mud under all this ashes -really there was no reason to think its good- but my dog thought he had found a big treasure and began chewing on this piece of trash....i called "Aus, Balu!" (i dont know how you would say this...) but he didnt want to listen because it seemed to be so tasty for him...i started getting mad and i shouted "NO!!Don't eat that, drop it!!" but he didnt listen ...after a few minutes trying to take it off of him and not having success i thought okay then go back...and leave this strange i said "come, balu, we are leaving" and oh wow he came...but unfortunately with this trash in his mouth....i was getting annoyed and just said okay keep it and see how you get home then...and i left him while he had stopped again to continue chewing on it and eating it...and this time he didnt follow me....i was almost down the hill all of the way when he came back to me nearly running into me because he was afraid i had left the rest of the walk he was a little bit more obient and paid attention to me before running to far away from me....
long story i know^^ but now my thoughts about it:
okay so again back to gods walk with us:
he "unleashes" us because he wants us to have our free will and he allows us to do anything we want...we try to stay with him for most of the walk and we look where he is going because we want to follow him....sometimes he has to call after us to get our attention back that we go the right way...but of course if we dont want to hear what he has in mind or we just dont want to follow he lets us take the wrong path even though he knows where it leads and that we should turn around to get on the right track again!
so especially today i realized that we are so ofter like stupid dogs that think its better to run away or do not listen to the master...on our way we might find something that looks so interesting and good to us and instead of listening to god who says "oh no dont eat that its not good for you"...and if we do not listen it separates us from him...we think that he is just a party-pooper (WAIIT i just had to look this up because i forgot the word and i saw that it can be "dog in the manger" too?!?haha this is sooooo cool!! because God got a DOG (-->human) in a manger...oh wow hehe )
ok btt... but he just knows what is best for us just as i know that plastic is not good for my dog even though it might smell like meat....

there's much more to find out about dog and god relationships (the word "dog" is "God" spelled in the other direction...) haha god might wanted to tell me this today : ) )

to come to a conclusion for today's dog/human behavior analysis i just want to say
As a human you can choose which way to go because god gave you your free will! you have two choices:
1. You can go your own way and find out where it leads
2. You can stay on God's way and find out where He leads

To speak for my own, I decided to follow my master because I know where this way will finally lead! I dont want to not have him by my side! life is not getting any easier from day to day and I, for my part, think you wont get far without him-just to the next big bushes!
I want to follow him! i admit that i get attracted by things in the brushwood near the way sometimes...and sometimes a little more than sometimes....but paul encourages us to not pay attention to what is at our right and left but to concentrate on the goal!

philippians 3,12-14 (TNIV)
12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead,14 I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.

Brothers and Sisters, let's go!

and all of you who still stand at crossings, or in front of bushes that barricade the way you chose, you can still turn around and follow Jesus! Do not spend your precious time on the wrong way! i am serious about that!

I hope and pray that God uses this as a little reminder for you!
Be blessed on your way!

31.10.08 13:40

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